Alphagamer Diablo 4 Clan is recruiting!

Originally published at: Alphagamer Diablo 4 Clan is recruiting! – Alphagamer

The Alphagamer Diablo 4 clan recently opened to the public and is recruiting new members. Be part of this new clan from its inception and witness is grow.

Below you find more information about the identity and values of the clan:

The clan is an inclusive clan with a strong focus on getting more out of the game by playing with likeminded players in groups. We currently don’t have activity requirements and don’t mandate group play, but this is obviously encouraged and it might change over time! The goal of the clan is to enjoy playing in groups while benefitting from the group play mechanics of the game (like boss farming).

If you are interested please go ahead and submit a “Join Request” in-game. This can be done by opening the Clan menu (in-game short key N). If you are not in a clan you should have the option to search. Search for Alphagamer. We will be in touch shortly after you submit the request.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our forum (here) or on Discord (here) in case you have any questions.

Our Diablo 4 clan is focussed on getting through the end game content of Diablo 4 including the seasonal content. Even though we don’t have activity requirements and we don’t mandate group play we do heavily encourage it. The core members of the guild will have a lot of influence on the direction of the guild and will ultimately decide if the requirements remain as is or are tweaked to meet future guild goals.

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