Can't stop playing Oxygen Not Included

Originally published at: Can’t stop playing Oxygen Not Included – Alphagamer

During the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales on Steam I bought a number of games from my Steam wishlist. One of them was Oxygen Not Included. Little did I know how addictive this game would be! I have about 40 hours into the game since a week and I am on my third attempt!

For those not familiar with the game. You basically end up in a cave with 3 people called “Duplicants” and need to rebuild their colony. You need to take care of everything spanning from getting food and clean water, ensure oxygen circulate and electricity to run machines for ventilation, production of materials and cooking. The depth of this game is incredible and it is really hard to be successful. Simple things happen like duplicants breathing oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide and then having to deal with that gas is challenging. The other challenge is to make things work efficient. Getting hydrogen out of the air to make a hydrogen generator create electricity so far has been extremely challenging. It is much easier to just have a coal generator do the work but that creates carbon dioxide… which in turn is harmful to your colony!

I did realize it is really important to take care of power. Electricity is what makes things work so without that none of the other things matter. This is currently my number 1 priority to get setup in a sustainable manner. Sustainable meaning not having to dig up fuel to keep the generators going and not having to spent 50% of the duplicants time fixing the energy grid (which is super frustrating).

I will keep playing this and keep you informed on progress and what seems to work and all the things that don’t. At this moment the list of the latter is much longer than the list of stuff that works.

Soon more!