Diablo 4 - Abattoir of Zir is Live. First impression

Originally published at: Diablo 4 – Abattoir of Zir is Live. First impression – Alphagamer

As of today patch 1.2.3 is live! This patch contains a series of bug fixes, quality of life improvements and of course, the Abattoir of Zir! I didn’t have a whole lot of time to play Diablo 4 today but I will share my first impression nonetheless.

First, I noticed when I mouse over an item and the item tooltip shows it doesn’t flikker anymore. This alone was worth the patch because that was a very annoying bug that should have been fixed a while back.

The other thing that immediately attracts attention is the new seasonal quest, Devouring Dark, showing just below the minimap on the top right. It makes you go to Ked Bardu to speak with Nomin, the Occultist.

Nomin sells the recipe to craft Bloodforged Sigil. These sigils are required to open the Abattoir of Zir and they are not cheap. To craft 1 you need 800 sigil powder and 60,000 gold. This doesn’t seem crazy but please mind you that my first try I was dead and out of the dungeon within 2 minutes. The second try was better, I was able to stay alive until roughly the 5 minute mark which is when I ran into to many mobs and died again.

The Abattoir of Zir is clearly another level of difficulty as I was able to solo clear level 100 Nightmare dungeons.

I currently have 12,721 in Attack Power, 8,360 in Armor and 13,151 in Life. I clearly need to work on my survivability which basically means I need to increase my armor. I will put the Abattoir on hold for a bit and farm my armor to 11,000 before doing another attempt.

I am curious to hear how you are progressing through the AoZ! Hopefully you are more successful than me.