Diablo 4 – Ways to find the best End Game gear – Episode 3

Originally published at: Diablo 4 – Ways to find the best End Game gear – Episode 3 – Alphagamer

I recently found out that I was missing out on an opportunity to improve my End Game gear. This is a way that was not immediately obvious and intuitive to me in the game, so I want to make sure that other players are aware of this process. It starts with paying attention to yellow items. Yes, that is the big secret, it is actually important to look at these and not just trash these the first opportunity you get without even looking at the affixes. Lets look at the example below.

Step 1 – Find a good, high level, max rolled Rare (yellow) item

For my build it is best to have a 1-hand weapon that prioritize Damage to Close Enemies, Intelligence, All Stats and Damage to Shadow Damage Over Time Affected Enemies. So far it has been impossible to find a Wand with at least 3 of these affixes on it.

However, I was able to find 3 of the affixes on a Rare Dagger. As you can see, I updated the 4th affix to Damage to Close Enemies, which basically results in all 4 key affixes to be present on this yellow Dagger.

Step 2 Imprint a Legendary Aspect on the Rare (yellow) item!

Step 2 is the big secret! You can imprint a Legendary Aspect on a yellow item, which in turn will change a Rare (yellow) item to a Legendary (orange) item! In this example, the Rare Dagger with item level 889 will change into a Legendary Dagger with the same items level, affixes and with the Legendary Aspect added to it!

Conclusion, as soon as I was aware of the “Rare to Legendary” upgrade feature I was able to find a decent 1-hand weapon with the exact affixes I need. This for sure will increase the opportunity to replace gear with better gear and the exact affixes I am looking for. I also realized that in the past I might have auto salvaged great armor, weapons and jewelry and attention needs to be paid to all high item level yellow drops. The advantage is having a higher chance of finding better gear, the disadvantage is spending way more time in your stash reading, comparing, assessing, enchanting items.

I am curious to hear if you were already using this feature of the game, and if it was just me not knowing.