First Look at Palworld - Building my First Palworld Base

Originally published at: First Look at Palworld – Building my First Palworld Base – Alphagamer

Unless you have been living of the grid by now most gamers should have heard about Palworld. Palworld is slated as a survival game with creature taming and creature collecting elements. The creatures called Pals can be used for battle, travel and for base building.

The game released on the 19th of January and one can say the release didn’t go unnoticed. It is said to currently have 19 million games sold on Steam (which might be a record for an early access game) and currently has over 200K reviews on the same platform. The game release also isn’t without controversy as there are a lot of parallels with a famous Nintendo game: Pokemon! Nintendo is known for sending Cease and Desist letters when they believe their IP is being infringed. The fact Nintendo didn’t take action against Pocketpair, the studio behind Palworld, is a good sign.

I had the pleasure to spent a couple of hours playing Palworld last weekend. I went in completely blank, not having looked at any Palworld Tips & Tricks in order to experience the game completely fresh. I recorded my first attempt and uploaded it to Youtube, you can find the movie at the top of this post.

After about 3 hours in the game, my impression of Palworld is good. I think the game has a lot going for it and it clearly took things that worked really well from other games (Pokemon, Zelda BotW to name 2). You can obviously debate if that is a good thing and Pocketpair doesn’t deserve the award for most original and innovative game.

Regarding my experience so far, I think I have just seen the tip of the iceberg but my interest is peaked and I plan to keep playing for a bit to see where this will go.

In the next couple of episodes I will attempt to establish what is the best Pal in Palworld and I will share my views on Palworld Bosses and the game mechanics covering Pal eggs and breeding. So more to come!

To conclude, this is my first attempt at capturing and commenting on a game. I would appreciate and welcome your (constructive) feedback and I am eager to learn and improve my game capture and video editing skills.

The embedded Youtube movie didn’t get transferred from the blog so posting it here!