Which Games do you currently play?

Hi all,

Happy New Year! Hope you had a good holiday season and also hope that 2024 will be a good year filled with a lot of time to play games!

That said, I am wondering which games you are currently playing? Would be great if we can do some online multiplayer games of any sort.

To kick off I will start with my list. I am currently playing:

  • Diablo 4
  • Baldurs Gate 3 (just started)
  • New World (MMO, also just started)
  • Battlefield 5
  • Oxygen Not Included

I think the first 4 can be played in multiplayer. I also have the latest battlefield (as it was on sale with 90% discount during Cyber Monday), but didn’t try it yet.

Looking forward to read what you are playing and if we can arrange a multiplayer session :slight_smile:


The game I play the most nowadays is Clash Royale on Mobile. I’m just shy of 20,000 fights (expect to meet that in 2 months).

Next to that I play Fifa '24 (I know it has a different name now) on the Xbox, Mario Cart on Nintendo Switch and Uno & Skipbo on the board.

Over the weekend I tried to play ‘Hell let Loose’ using Xbox Cloud gaming. It’s a WWII shooter and looked very promising. I never mastered the art of playing shooters with a controller (keyboard/mouse triumphs!), so playing a shooter on console is challenging for me. And it seems that ‘Hell let Loose’ is a realistic shooter, making it even harder. I played for 30 minutes, walked for 29 minutes somewhere ,in a field close to the Rhine, to find an enemy. Shot twelve rounds on what seemed to be a suspicious looking tree. I never saw an enemy, but they did see me. 17 times in total… The only kill I made where leaves on the tree.

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The whole mobile gaming and Clash Royal and Clash of Clans is massive. I played Clash of Clans for while and got invited to another clan last weekend (don’t think I played for at least 3 years though). You even see the big studio’s trying to get a piece of the pie, which is not always successful (I think the launch of Diablo Immortal probably did Blizzard more harm then good with all the hate they got after that. I don’t know the sales numbers, so I might be totally wrong here :slight_smile:

Fifa is great to play multiplayer :slight_smile: same for Mario Cart. I do have some very cool RPG’s on the Switch (like Tactics Ogre and Octopath Traveller which are cool. What I find the absolute best are the Zelda games, I bought the latest Zelda game for Switch last month, but haven’t tried it yet.

Funny that you talk about Hell let Loose. I put that game on my wishlist on Steam recently. It does look very promising and realistic. Playing these games on console are tough, I think it is specifically the learning curve that is a bit tougher but I think once you get the hang of the controls and the become 2nd nature with the controller you are fine (I did play Armored Core on console which is (sort of) a 3rd person shooter).

You shot a suspicious tree… :laughing: :rofl:

I spent about 200+ hours in Battlefield 5 (between end of 2019 and now), which is also a WW2 shooter. The thing with this game is that the servers are sometimes plagued by cheaters (I recently witnessed a person having like 95 kills vs like 2 deaths or something, which is really not common… so that messes things up pretty badly), even a great game can’t really survive that for very long. I think the brand did get damaged, Battlefield used to be awesome but did lose a bit of its shine and Dice (studio behind the game) didn’t come out great either. All this made me look for another shooter which made me end up putting Hell let Loose on my wishlist.

Do you know if you can play it cross platform? I might give it a try if I could play with you (if cross Steam/Xbox would work).