Elden Ring - Shadow of the Erdtree Scheduled Release on June 21st

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Finally there is news about the long and eagerly awaited Elden Ring DLC, called Shadow of the Erdtree. Let’s have a quick look at what is shared by Bandia Namco regarding the DLC and then look at what can be done to prepare existing characters or new characters ahead of the Shadow of the Erdtree release.

Information shared by Bandai Namco

The new expansion for Elden Ring doesn’t expand the Lands Between, the world of the base game, but will take players to the Land of Shadow, which is a whole new world. Players can seamlessly travel back and forth between these worlds likely similar to how you could travel between locations above and below ground in the base game.

Shadow of the Erdtree also adds new weapons, weapon skills, magic and equipment currently not present in the Elden Ring base game. The DLC will furthermore bring new enemies and boss encounters and most important a complete new storyline.

Shadow of the Erdtree is scheduled to be released on the 21st of June and is an expansion to Elden Ring so it will require the base game.

How to prepare for Shadow of the Erdtree

Not a whole lot is known and shared by Bandai Namco. Therefore a lot that is known is heavy assumption based (and thus might be totally wrong). Let’s look at a number of options that a player has regardless of where the entrance is and what is needed to get access to the entrance.

Continue and existing character or start a new one on DLC release?

Either option is a viable option and heavily dependent on the preference of the player.

Having a fully leveled character with all all or many of the items from the base game will likely allow a player to get access to the new content quickly. In this case the definition of a fully leveled character is a character at a level that can or has completed the base game which roughly translate to a player level up to 150 and with a maximum upgraded weapon. It is also advisable to at least get an additional talisman slot, this is obviously strongly dependent on the beed from the build used. Lastly it is advisable to get all Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears, on an existing character, to ensure the maximum number of flasks and the maximum HP and FP that will be restored once used.

Alternatively is to start a new fresh character. This will obviously result in spending more time in the Lands Between first before getting access to the expansions Land of Shadow. However, if you haven’t played in a while this might be a good way to refresh your skills and understanding of the game and the lore.

Complete New Game+ ahead of Shadow of the Erdtree release?

New Game+ add additional difficult to the game. It is not confirmed, but it is expected that the added difficulty will continue in Shadow of the Erdtree. This should not be an issue if you enjoyed the added difficult in the base game. If you are more interested in understanding the story and lore and not get stuck in the new content you might want to postpone doing a New Game+.

All in all it is very dependent on what the player wants to get out of the expansion.

Hopefully this helps getting prepared for the Elden Ring, Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. It is now a matter of waiting for the release in just over 3.5 months.

In the meantime, I started a new character, a Samurai! Each time I get back to this game I am amazed how great the combat, the story and the Lands Between open world really is. This is my way of preparing for Shadow of the Erdtree.

What are your plans in preparation for the DLC? Will you start a new character or just wait for June 21st and jump straight into the DLC content?