Anybody re-playing Elden Ring?

Hi all,

With the recent announcement of Shadow of the Erdtree, the Elden Ring DLC and due to the fact that Diablo 4 end game is very boring and overly repetitive (material farming for Duriel and cleaning out stash with gear that is nearly identical…) I decided to get back into Elden Ring.

I am currently playing as a Samurai, a very different experience from the Hero and Astrologer class I played previously. I think it is great that this class is part of the game with the armor, katana’s and long bow’s that come with it. The combat is quick which makes it nice against most monsters and bosses.

I am also capturing most of the data that I encounter while playing and I hope to be posting about that on Alphagamer sooner than later. A lot of data to analyze and to share, like boss fight tactics and drops, key vendors and what they sell but also things like areas which are suitable for early rune farming.

Curious to hear which games are keeping you busy.

Cheers, Alpha